Our elderly companions, youngsters and broodmares can enjoy living in the luxury of spacious barns.  The 'retirement block' houses our retired friends, including the Advanced Event & Dressage horse Deeper in Debt and the retired Intermediate Event Horse's Horton Spring and Then Again Ben.  Within their 20mx20m barn they live in more luxury than their human counterparts!

The quiet foaling barn provides all that is needed for safe and peaceful foaling.  The 20ftx30ft stables are fully equipped with nightlights, CCTV, heatlamp's and their own electricity and water supply. 


Here at Cornsay Horses we pride ourselves on our fantastic facilities.  We can cater for the broodmare & foal through to the international horse and rider!  Covering a site of approximately 56 acres our facilities are second to none.

We have 18 indoor stables; a private block consisting of 11 stables, a block of 4 large foaling boxes and a seperate block of 3 stables. We also have 2 large barns and a large, private foaling barn.  

We have around 55 acres of good draining, well managed, grazing. Horse's can be turned out year round in fully mains electric fenced fields.  Tree's and hedging provides us not only with an abundance of wildlife but gives much needed shelter during the winter months.

During the summer months our clients can enjoy riding around our land. Within our two 16 acre haylage fields, we have our own hacking track around the perimeter of the land providing much needed fitness for horse and rider at all speeds! Natural stone walls and timber allow young horse's to learn to jump at speed in an open but secure environment.  

We have 2 sets of 'Jump For Joy' showjumps, including gates, walls, water trays and any spooky filler you can imagine!  The 20x40 newly resurfaced sand and rubber indoor school  has its own set of showjumps available all year round.

A XC training field, with ditch, barrels, tyres, various logs, arrowhead, sheep feeder and both open and solid corner.  Safety is first and foremost and the solid jumps have been provided by Douglas Weymouth BE Course Designer & Builder.  With our resident BHSI & BE Accredited Coach on site we are able to provide training clinics year round, with numerous BE Clinics pre-booked for 2015! 

Four large 18ftx18ft foaling boxes occupy their own American Barn in a secluded part of the yard and an isolation unit of three 15ftx12ft indoor stables completes the luxury accomodation!

The private stable block here at Click 'em Inn consists of eleven 12x15ft stables set within an American style Barn.  Within this area we have a treatment box; fully rubber matted, CCTV equipped and with specialist lighting and easily accessible electric point for round the clock emergency care; a hot/ cold wash bay, 2 sets of stocks; one for breeding and one complete with equine solarium and direct access to our 20x40 indoor school, complete with sand and rubber surface and a set of 'Jump for Joy' Showjumps.